woensdag 29 mei 2013

Spring Flowers in the Netherlands

 Spring Flowers in the Netherlands

 One thing we have in the Netherlands are flowers and in abundance especially spring is famous for it's tulips. Whoever has visted the Keukenhof knows what i mean, busloads and busloads of tourists from all corners of the planet arrive in the small place of Lisse to see the flowers and it is worth it. There are not only tulips but all kind of flowers arranged in colorful flowerbeds. All variety, shapes and color that nature has to offer you can find here. And then there is the wonderful scent.

Here i will share a small selection of what can be found in the Keukenhof. For now it is closed again but if you find yourself in the Netherlands around spring don't miss out!

All sorts of flowers can be admired. There are Blue Bells, Forget me Knots, Anemones, Hyacinths, Lily of the Valley, Weeping hearts and a lot more!
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