woensdag 13 februari 2013

A New website

After thinking about it for a while finally the website is now up and running. The content excist mostly of nature photography in both the Netherlands and Finland. I have a background in painting and while photography is a different medium my aim is the same. When you really pay attentention at your surroundings and stand still to investigate what you see the natural world is truly amazing. The many colors, the bizar shapes, the variety of plants and animals it is mindblowing. Then i am not even talking about how the light can change everything in an instant. For everything the naked eye fails to see macro photography comes in. Just when you thought you did see all detail there is the discovery of a whole new world just in front of you. There is now need to take a plane or fly to the moon, it is just there for everyone who cares to take a moment to look. How often have i heard when down on my knees with my camera, but that is only a dung beetle! Yes it is only a dung beetle but have you ever taken the time to look at one? The shine shield the most exquisite blue like a forest jewel glittering in the sun. Even the most common fly is a work of art! For everyone who is curieus or cannot go down on his or her knees to observe that what surrounds us i have created this website and blog. Ofcourse all work is available for purchase through the main website: Feel free to have a look or come in contact for assignments or questions For now enjoy! Ester Scottish Cattle at Lentevreugd in Wassenaar.

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