zondag 17 februari 2013


In the Netherlands at the coast is the Amsterdam waterleiding duingebied, which translates like Amsterdam watercompany dune area. It is a protected area were you almost stumble on deer, rabbits, all sort of birds and ofcourse people (afterall it is the Netherlands).As it was my first visit i was really amazed by the relax almost lazy deer that were not bothered by people at all. It probabely helped i didn't see any dogs running about.The area is covered in typical dune bushes like Buckthorn, small trees and ofcourse European beachgrass to keep the sand from being blown away. It was a bright sunny winters day and people were out in big hords. Despite the amount of people it was still possible to find a quiet path and see plenty of wildlife. Everywhere there were pools, small lakes and canals filled with all sorts of waterbirds like wild swans. It was the first time i saw them in the Netherlands.We saw foxes, at least a lot of deer, wild swans, tufted ducks, plenty of rabbits and more waterbirds. Pretty amazing. I know completely get the reports in the newspaper that the deer were roaming into people's gardens in Zandvoort when they got hungry. Anyway i am a waterfan and love blue so combining the two in one shot was inevitable ; )

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